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– Fitness and strength sports

To be able to use the fitness and strength sports facilities of the ACLO, you have to buy a Fitness subscription for €65,- next to your ACLO subscription.  Would you only like to make use of our fitness facility during the weekends or the university holidays? Then your regular ACLO subscription is sufficient! The ACLO offers two different locations with different possibilities:

  • ACLO Sportcentrum (Zernike): Fitness
    Fitness is a combination of cardio and training with weights, usually with the use of machines. The Sports Centre has a fitness area where you can train almost the entire year. The area is 500m2 and there are a lot of options to practice cardio and weight training. You can only make use of these fitness facilities if you have a Fitness subscription, with the exception of the weekends and university holidays. 
  • ACLO Power Station: Strength Sports
    If you are looking for training with free weights, you are at the right address at Power Station. It is designed for the purposes of the strength athlete: free weights, platforms and squat racks. There are no cardio-machines in the actual gym. However, you can use the free Cardioplaza in the room, at ACLO station. You can only make use of the Power Station if you have a Fitness subscription and a Power annotation. During ACLO hours in the weekends it is possible to use Power Station without a Fitness subscription, but you need to have the Power annotation.

With a Fitness subscription, you can only sport at the location of ACLO Sportcentrum. With a Power annotation, you can sport both at the ACLO Sportcentrum and in ACLO Power Station.

For more information about the different locations and the procedures concerning obtaining the Power annotation, click on Fitness (ACLO Sportcentrum) or Strength Sports (ACLO Power Station).

Fitness questions?

Do you have questions about fitness? Call to the info desk of Sportcenter (050 3638063 ) or send an email to the ACLO (

Do you want to know how you should perform the exercises? Have a look at this YouTube channel to see the instruction videos.

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