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Gym rules

For the fitness the following house rules apply:

  1. When you have any questions, please ask the supervisors or someone at the service desk.
  2. Store your valuable items, jackets and other clothing in a locker and don’t bring them into the gym. After closing hour all the lockers will be opened by our staff. Locks can be purchased at the service desk.
  3. Jumping over the gate is prohibited. You need to scan your card and go through it. Violation will result in a 2 month suspension.
  4. The subscription is personal, abusing the subscription will result your subscription being blocked for a time to be determined.
  5. Appropriate training gear is compulsory at all times. This includes clean sport shoes and a towel.
  6. A towel must be used while training at all times. When doing floor exercises, place the towel on the floor or mat.
  7. When using the water facilities you need to use a closable bottle.
  8. Eating is not allowed in the gym.
  9. Phone calls are not allowed in the gym. Using your cellphone to listen to music is allowed. Please consider your fellow gym users.
  10. Keep the gym neat by picking up loose weights when you are finished with them.
  11. Make sure you leave the cardio- and strength equipment clean.
  12. Don’t put any extra weight on the machines.
  13. It is not allowed to drop dumbbells, bars or loose weights on the ground. (with the exception of bumper plates on the platforms)
  14. When using weights on the barbells, it is mandatory to use clamps.
  15. If you are using the machines for the first time, we strongly advise you to ask assistance from one of our supervisors before you begin.
  16. Instructions from our supervisors, service desk staff and sport instructors must be followed without reserve.
  17. The Sports Center is not liable for any loss, theft and accidents at the gym or Sports Center.
  18. Access to the gym may be denied for an indefinite period when one of the rules mentioned above is not obeyed.
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