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General Board

The General Board is the institution that controls the Daily Board. Every year the General Board consists of 11 students who have a meeting at least seven times a year. They have a voice in important issues concerning the ACLO and control its long term policy.

The General Board 2018-2019 consists of:

Kevin Schultinga (chairman)
Ingmar Scholte (vice chairman)
Rik Durkstra
Florian den Uijl
Joris Beintema
Luc van der Wolde
Maud van den Berg
Naomi Jansen
Fleur Mollema
Chiara Verheij
Willem Boorsma

The General Board, together with one director of the Executive Board, represents different sectors. The task of the General Manager is to measure the sounds of the sector and this may be taken to the General Board Meeting. The General Board is divided into the following sectors:

Sector DB-voorzitter AB-vertegenwoordiger
Outside Sports Tom Ravenshorst Rik Durkstra
Sport hall users Peter Sven Smilda Fleur Mollema
Fieldsports Pieter van Koningsveld Willem Boorsma
Watersports Kirsten Niekolaas Florian den Uijl
Hall sports Jasmijn van Gastel Joris Beintema
Pool users Pieter van Koningsveld Naomi Jansen
Unbounded Berdien Prins Luc van der Wolde, Maud van den Berg, Chiara Verheij


Healthy Ageing

ACLO understands the importance of Healthy Ageing and has therefore established a Healthy Ageing committee (Healthcie) in 2014-2015.

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