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See in the scheme below whether and for what price you can purchase an ACLO Card. Throughout the year you can purchase an ACLO Card. The validity of this is always valid until the end of the academic year (with exception of the Semester Cards), regardless of when you purchase your ACLO Card. You can purchase an ACLO Card at the service desk of the ACLO Sports center, MyACLO or the ACLO app. A student card of the RUG- or HG is your ACLO Card, the ACLO Card is strictly personal.

Prolong Card

Have you bought a 1st Semester Card and do you want to extend it? With an additional Prolong Card you can extend your membership to the second semester. The price of a Prolong Card is €25,- for students and €50,- for others.


Do you want to use the fitness (gym) unlimited as well? Then you can buy a Fitness card for €65,- extra. Would you like to use our Fitness facility during the weekends and holidays only? Then you only need a regular ACLO Card! You should have a valid ACLO Card before you can join the fitness. For more information about the fitness click here.

Want to join a sport club?

When you want to join one of our 50 associated sports clubs you have to buy either a full membership of the ACLO (€59,95) or a Semester Card(€49,95), depending on when and how long you are planning to exercise at the association. Furthermore, the sports clubs ask for a membership fee. The amount of the fees differs between the sports clubs.

ACLO Day Card

Want to know what the ACLO is like? Buy the ACLO Day Card for €7,50 and try out all different sports! The Day Card is for students only.

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