Confidential contact person

The ACLO wants to offer a safe sports environment in which everyone feels at home. Together we do everything we can to prevent transgressive behavior such as bullying, conflicts and arguments, discrimination and sexual intimidation within our foundation in order to ensure a safe sports climate. That is why the ACLO has appointed two confidential contact persons. They act as a central point of contact to ensure that the way in which we interact with each other is respectful and safe.

You can go to the confidential contact persons with questions that you do not easily ask or that you are afraid that will not be answered seriously. This applies to all ACLO athletes. In addition: reporting quickly, talking about it and ensuring that an undesired situation is (early) put an end to, ensures that it does not worsen and that recurrence is thus prevented.

Profile confidential contact person
Working method confidential contact person

When can you contact a confidential contact person?

If you have any questions about or are dealing with:

  • bullying and being bullied;
  • abuse of power and verbal aggression;
  • the feeling that you do not belong or are treated differently because of your skin colour, religion or sexual preference;
  • transgressive behavior (abuse of power, verbal aggression, sexual harassment): the way in which you are approached and/or touched by a team member, trainer or coach or behavior that you experience as unpleasant;
  • a suspicion of transgressive behaviour: you think that someone in your immediate environment is involved
  • doubts in yourself whether your behavior as a trainer and/or coach is wise
  • someone who accuses you directly or indirectly of unacceptable behavior
  • being accused of the aforementioned behavior

Contact details

The ACLO’s confidential contact persons are Leon Hovenkamp (former Daily Board member) and Velda Tjalma (former General Board member). An appointment for a (telephone) conversation with the confidential contact persons can be made via In the mail you can indicate whether you prefer an appointment with Leon or with Velda.

Leon (+31 687783200) and Velda (+31 687381764) can also be contacted by telephone. They will call you back as soon as possible in the event of a missed call. If you need contact with people from outside the ACLO, you can always contact the Centrum Veilige Sport Nederland.


Leon Hovenkamp

Dear ACLO athletes, my name is Leon and I am one of the confidential contact persons for the ACLO. I am a 6th year student and got to know student sports two years ago as an executive board member of the ACLO. Currently I am doing a master’s degree and I enjoy playing volleyball. The Groningen student sport is a place where everyone should feel safe. Therefore please contact us if you have any questions or if you suspect transgressive or inappropriate behavior.

Velda Tjalma

My name is Velda Tjalma and in the upcoming year I will be, together with Leon Hovenkamp, one of the
two confidential contact persons of the ACLO.
As a student I have been active from the beginning of my student days at the ACLO and
various student sports associations. Sport is, in my opinion, the most fun there is and
how great is it that you can do this together with other students.
Playing sports is fun, but only when you can do it in a safe and pleasant way. If you want to contact me, you can send me an email which you can find at the bottom of this message.

Do not hesitate to approach our confidential contact persons. This can be done by sending an email to:


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