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  • About ACLO

About ACLO

What is the ACLO?

The ACLO is the overarching student sports organization of the University of Groningen and the Hanze university of applied sciences and for the 50 sports clubs of the ACLO. For the students of both organizations the ACLO offer sports in many different ways.

The ACLO was founded in 1945 and is the largest overarching student sport organization of the Netherlands. The ACLO represents the students sport of Groningen on a national level. At this moment over 20.000 students exercise at the ACLO for only €59,95 a year. The ACLO is, therefore, the most important supplier of sports for students in Groningen.

The ACLO is a foundation purely managed by students and as foundation has an own budget that is used to achieve the objectives of the ACLO.

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