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The ACLO is an organization for and by students. Besides the Executive and General Board there are several committees who organize events, do promotional activities and so on. All of these committees have their own tasks and responsibilities. Do you want help improve the ACLO by joining a committee but are you not quite sure which committee is the best for you? No problem! Just go through the several committees below and if you need any more information feel free to contact the Internal Coordinator of the ACLO. You can contact the Coordinator Internal affairs by emailing to or by calling the General Board, 0503634641.



  • ACLO-Promoteam

    The ACLO-Promoteam is the committee that is responsible for all the promotional material of the ACLO. Think of video, photo, posters, etc. The Promoteam consists of photographers, a designer, an editor and an allrounder (the chair).

    Click here for more information: Brochure Promoteam eng 22-23

    The ACLO-Promoteam 2021-2022 consists of the following members:

    Brandon Siebring (chair)
    James Nyirenda
    Maryana Parkhomenko
    Hanna Marshall
    Jessy Gabriel
    Laurens Lagerweij
    Linde de Jong


  • ACLO Sports Council

    The ACLO Sports Council thinks along the Daily Board of the ACLO about important issues and provides advice to the Board. The committee conducts several surveys on different topics. For example the number of sports offered at the ACLO, the budget available and new ways of communicating. Seven times a year, the committee meets to discuss the state of affairs.

    Click here for more information: Brochure Sports Council eng 22-23

    The ACLO Sports Council 2021-2022 consists of the following members:

     Naomi Huizenga (chair)
    Nousjka Frieswijk
    Irene Boven
    Shane Tully
    Brend Schiere
    Sojurnah Barry

    If you have a question about this committee contact the Sports coordinator via or by calling 0503634641.

  • Sportcie

    The Sportcie organizes all open competitions and other sports tournaments. There is plenty of room for new ideas. Besides organizing competitions the Sportcie supports the intern coordinator of the executive board at events such as ESN meets ACLO.

    Click here for more information: Brochure Sportcie eng 22-23

    The Sportcie 2021-2022 consists of the following members:

    Benthe Schipperheijn (chair)
    Soeradz Luchtenburg
    Coen Waardenburg
    Isis Teunissen
    Daphne Schouten
    Merle Aarnink


  • Galacie

    The Galacie of the ACLO organizes the ACLO Sports Gala. During this spectacular gala the yearly Sports prices will be awarded to the best ACLO-sporters in the next categories: Male/Femele Athlete, Talent, Team and Club of the year.

    Click here for more information: Brochure Galacie eng 22-23

    The Galacie 2021-2022 consists of the following members:

     Adriaan Klootwijk (chair)
    Emma Smeenge
    Jasmijn Gengler
    Daniël Pepers


  • Accie (Organizing activities)

    The Accie is responsible for organizing several events and activities during the year. Examples of events that are organized by the Accie are: the Board Tournament (Bestuursspelen), the Board Information Event (Kaderdag) and KISS (Kerst Indoor Sportspektakel).

    Click here for more information: Brochure Accie eng 22-23

    The Accie 2021-2022 consists of the following members:

    Tom Streefland (chair)
    Vera Korf
    Iemke Jongsma
    Melissa Poblete Nuñez
    Tessa Schreuder


  • Kascommissie

    The Kascommissie is a financial advisory and controlling body of the ACLO.

    The Kascommissie 2021-2022 consists of the following members:

    Jorian Kamp
    Pieter de Jong
    Eline de Jager
    Kim Versfeld
    Leon Hovenkamp
    Jelmer Haites
    Jos Jansma
    Leo Wenneger
    Mark van der Veen
    Polle Bergman
    Bram Pikkemaat
    Rik Roosjen



Do you want to help improve the ACLO and have you always dreamt about being in a committee or board of an active and diverse organisation?

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