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Graduate / dropout

Are you graduated from the University of Groningen or Hanzehogeschool? Then you can purchase an ACLO subscription for € 134,95  up to three years after graduation. You can buy this subscription at the front desk of the sports center or at ACLO Station and you must bring you degree.

Did you quit your education at the RUG or HG and were you enrolled at the University of HG in the previous year? Then you can buy an ACLO subscription up to 1 year after you quit for €134,95.

Besides the regular ACLO subscription there is a possibility to buy one of the following ACLO subscription:

  • 1st Semester subscription: unlimited sports from August until January for €99,95
  • 2nd Semester subscription: unlimited sports from February until August for €99,95
  • Summer subscription*: unlimited sports from May until August for €49,95

* The Summer subscription is not valid for members of our sport associations.

When you have already purchased an ACLO subscription but your student account is disconnected because you have graduated or quit your study, it is possible to get a new account. You can receive a new account at the service desk of the ACLO Sports Center

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