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Next to courses, grouplessons and open hours, the ACLO has more facilities to offer. You can, for instance reserve a tennis court, a squash hall or any other hall the ACLO has. In this way you can play basketball with some friends in one of the halls, play a game of tennis etc.  Go to ‘schedule’ in the ACLO app and filter on free reservations to have a look at all the options.


You can make a reservation in the ACLO app or by calling the information desk of the Sports Center (050-3638063). When you arrive at the Sports Center, you need to confirm your reservation by scanning a QR code at the counter. You can do this with the ACLO appMake sure to download the app before going to the sports location.  Everyone who wants to make use of the facilities must have an ACLO subscription. When reserving courts, hall etc. everybody that is going to use the court or hall has to scan a QR code with the ACLO app.

More information

  • Reservations may be made no more than 7 days in advance. Equipment can be borrowed, hired, and purchased at the Sports Centre’s desk.
  • You can only rent a court/hall for just one hour.
  • It is not allowed to rent an accommodation on your own because of the safety.
  • Outside ACLO-hours you can contact the RUG/Hanze Sportcentrum for accomodation rental (see below).
  • You can cancel your reservation up to 1 hour before the booking. If you do not show up you get a warning the first two times, after this your account will be blocked for two weeks. By paying a fine of €10, it’s possible to unblock and exercise within the two weeks.
  • The moment you start exercising, all athletes must report to the Sports Center front desk. If you fail to do so, you will receive a warning the first two times. After the second warning your account will be blocked for two weeks. If you want to exercise within these two weeks, it is possible to unblock your account by paying €10 at the front desk of the Sports Center.

Renting / buying material

All of these possibilities are included in you ACLO subscription, so you don’t have to pay extra. You do not have to pay extra on top of your ACLO subscription. For renting small material, like a squash ball, you do have to pay a small fee. When renting/purchasing the equipment, you will need to show your student ID and/or ID. See below the prices for renting and buying material.

Material Prices 
Rent tennis racket €1,-
Rent squash racket €1,-
Rent padel racket €2,50
Rent badminton racket €0.50
Tennis balls 4x €10,-
Squash ball €3,60
Padel ball 3x €6.50
Shuttle €2.20

Renting accommodation
You can also rent accommodation of the Sports Centre outside of the ACLO-hours for tournaments and events. When hiring accommodation of the Sports Centre an ACLO subscription is not mandatory. However you do have to pay a fee for the rental. The height of this fee is dependent on the request and is determined by the Sports Centre. To request a rental of the accommodation the request form stated below has to be filled in and send to If you have any questions concerning the rental of accommodation of the Sports Centre you can call to the information desk (050-3638063).

Click here for the request form.

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