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Mission & Vision


The mission statement of the ACLO is to get students in Groningen to play sports, and if they already play sports, to make them play better and more balanced. In addition, the ACLO fulfills a social function by offering students a recognizable own social environment, which differs from the existing sports outside the university.


The pursuit to the best sport facilities in higher education in the Netherlands that enable students to exercise responsibly, has consequences for the quality and the size of the facilities, the guidance and the sports offer.

  • The quality and size of the sports facilities. The aim of the ACLO is to provide accommodation that is suitable for a versatile range of sports. Moreover, the accommodation and materials should inspire to movement and should meet high quality and safety requirements. The aim is to provide sufficient good facilities (accommodation, materials, range of activities) to provide as many students as possible with the facilities they need. When accommodation is not available or feasible at the ACLO, good facilities are used elsewhere in the city.
  • The quality and scope of the supervision. The aim is to have sufficiently qualified personnel who are able to supervise many and varied sports in an expert and inspiring manner, taking into account the safety and health aspects.
  • A varied and accessible range of activities. The aim is to make the sports facilities widely known and to ensure an affordable price. Moreover, the ACLO should be a place where students can practice sports together with their fellow peers. Students should be able to get acquainted with more than one sport and with varied forms of exercise. Every student must be able to play sports at their own level and, thereby, be able to push their own limits to the duration, intensity and variation of physical exertion. Additionally, students should be able to develop their social and communication skills. The sport must contribute to awareness about one’s own lifestyle and health.

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