• Sports Associations

Sports Associations

There are 49 different sports clubs connected to the ACLO. Therefore, there is a sport for everyone! At these sports clubs you can practice your favorite sport for a low price and it’s the perfect opportunity to make a lot of new friends during your student time.

ACLO subscription

All of these sports associations are for students only and are partially financed by the ACLO. The ACLO provides indemnity for materials, halls and supervision/training. For this reason everybody that wants to join a sports club that is connected to the ACLO has to buy an ACLO subscription of €59,95 in the beginning of the academic year. It is mandatory to buy the ACLO subscription from the moment that you join the Sports Club. From that moment on you can also use all of the other facilities offered by the ACLO, such as group lessons and open hours and courses.


If you are interested in a sports club and you want to join them the best thing to do is to contact the sports club yourself. All sort clubs have their own websites with their contact information on it. Click on the links for more information about the sports the sport clubs offer!

Please note: if you become a member of a Sports Association you need to pay for both the ACLO subscription and the contribution of the specific sports club.

Sport Clubs Sports
G.S.D.C. Ad Fundum Skuba diving, Snorkeling
G.S.R. Aegir Rowing
G.S.B.C. Amor Badminton
G.S.W.V.  The Bares Wakeboarding
Calamari Skuba diving,  Snorkeling, Underwater hockey
H.V. De Cirkeltijgers Handball
Deltaserat Mixed Material Arts, Kickboxing
G.S.S.V. Donar 1881 Fencing
G.S.V.V. Donitas Volleyball
U.C. Face Off Floorball
G.S.H.C. Forward Fieldhockey
G.S.A.V.V. Forward Soccer
G.C.H.C. Fieldhockey
G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker Swimming
G.S.R.V. De Graancirkel Roundnet
G.S.B.V. De Groene Uilen – Moestasj Basketball
G.S.A.C. Mountaineering, BoulderingWallclimbing
G.A.G.V. Pitch Golf
G.S.R.C. Rugby
G.S.T.C. Tennis
A.G.S.R. Gyas Rowing
G.S.T.T.V. Idéfix Table tennis
G.S.V.V. The Knickerbockers Soccer
G.S.V.V. Kroton Volleyball
Lacrosse Groningen Lacrosse
G.S.B.V. De Mattekloppers Ju Jitsu, Judo, Systema
G.S.Z. Mayday Sailing
G.S.S.V. Moddervet Survivalrun
G.S.P.V. De Noordpole Poledancing
G.S.K.V. Northside Barbell Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting
G.S.K.V. De Parabool Korfball
G.S.P.V. Parafrid Horse riding
G.S.B.V. Pugilicé Boxing
G.S.P.V. De Ramenlappers Padel
G.S.K.V. Released Kitesurfing
G.S.S.V. Squadraat Squash
STUGG Gymnastics
G.S.W.V. Surface Windsurfing
TAM Tennis
G.S.W.V. Tandje Hoger Cycling
G.S.S.V. Tjas Ice speed skating
G.S.T.V. Tritanium Triathlon
G.S.B.V. Tweeslag Beachvolleyball
T.C. Veracket Tennis
G.S.V.V. Veracles Volleyball
G.S.F.V. Drs. Vijfje Futsal
G.S.A.V. Vitalis Athletics
G.S.Z.C. De Walvisch Waterpolo


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