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Other school or university

Don’t study at the University of HG? But you study at:

  • The SPO: Then you can buy an ACLO subscription for € 59,95.
  • AVAG : Then you can buy an ACLO subscription for € 59,59.

Another Dutch university for applied sciences: For students of another Dutch university of applied sciences the ACLO has a maximum of ACLO subscription of 10 per Dutch university of applied sciences. So, for €134,95, 10 students per Dutch university can purchase an ACLO subscription. Caution: Be on time if you want to be sure of a place. You can buy an ACLO from the 14th of August 2023.

Another Dutch university: You can buy an ACLO subscription for € 59,95, – by showing your proof of registration of the other Dutch university and a certificate of registration from the sports center belonging to the university.


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