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Update sports offer (June 26)

Dear students,

Last week, the government has announced new corona measures that will take effect from Saturday the 26th of June onwards. We are very glad that these new measures allow us to expand our sports offer!

Almost all restrictions will be canceled for the sports activities, only the following measures will continue to apply:

  • Keeping 5 meters distance apart is mandatory before and after the sports activity, during the sports activity this is not mandatory if it is necessary for sports practice;
  • It’s mandatory to make a reservation for a sports activity;
  • Stay at home if you have COVID-19 symptoms;
  • For all the indoor sports activity a health check is mandatory, when entering the sports accommodation the health check will be conducted by means of a clearly visible list.
  • The face mask obligation and the walking routes at the Sports Center are cancelled.

Competitions and public (with keeping 1.5 meters distance) is allowed again.

Making reservations

The following adjustments will apply to the reservation of sports activities:

  • For the open swimming hours, a maximum of 3 reservations may be made in the next 7 days.
  • For the fitness, a maximum of 3 reservations may be made in the next 7 days.
  • For the group lessons, a maximum of 3 reservations may be made in the next 7 days. This rule will expire when the summer schedule starts, then group lessons can be reserved unlimited.

Free reservations

The following sports will also be available for free reservation starting Saturday:

  • Football
  • Futsal
  • Volleyball

There is no maximum number of reservations for free reservations. It is not allowed to book several hours in a row at the same accommodation.

Questions / contact

If you have specific questions regarding this message, please contact

We will keep you informed of further developments. Of course, like you, we are very happy that the sports offer is increased again. However, it is important that the guidelines continue to be followed. In this way we can continue to exercise together.


ACLO Executive Board and the Management of the Sports Center

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