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Extra location: ACLO Station!

Starting this academic year 2015-2016, the ACLO will open an extra location in the city center close to the Central Station. For this new location some policy changes have been made. Below you can find the biggest changes and possibilities at this new location.

Ticket system open hours
At the new ACLO location, called the ACLO Station, a new system for the open hours will be used. A ticket system will be implemented starting in September. This ticket system checks all students to make sure that they have purchased an ACLO Card. In this way sporting without an ACLO Card becomes impossible. Next to the security feature the ticket system also grants the possibility to reserve a spot in the open hour. In this way you will never have to be afraid of not getting in due to a crowd at the open hour!

Power Station
Besides the open hours given at the ACLO Station there will also be a small gym where you can do your power workouts. Due to the fact that the Power StationĀ is relatively small, you will not find large fitness machines but a ton of dumbbells and other small materials to work out with. Working with the smaller materials allows us to stay flexible in the usage of the fitness hall were the larger machines limit us.

Sporting at the ACLO Station will not cost you any extra and you can simply use your normal ACLO Card. To get access to the Power Station you have to visit the ACLO Station and visit the reception.

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