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Sport of the Week Lacrosse

Sport of the Week, every week one sport is selected to be the Sport of the Week. During this week more information, movies and interesting facts are posted here.

This week the Sport of the Week is: Lacrosse

Lacrosse is known as the fastest game on two feet. It is a sport in which speed, agility and communication are important components.
Lacrosse is a sport where men and women are separated. The differences between the male and female rules are very clear. Men are wearing head-, shoulder-, elbow- and hand protection due the fact that it is a full-contact sport. Women are only obligated to wear a mouth guard during this fast and tactical game. Men’s lacrosse is more related to ice hockey, but through the air. Women’s lacrosse is more like field hockey and also through the air.
Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators is the club in Groningen which plays this sport. It is not yet that well-known in The Netherlands, but it is a really fast growing sport. Internationally this sport is really well-known especially in the US, Canada and Great-Britain.

Come along and practice with one of the most enjoyable club in Groningen!

Practices Lacrosse

Day Time Where
Monday 20.00-22.00 ACLO sportfields
Wednesday 20.00-22.00 ACLO sportfields

Did you know
-Lacrosse is form origin an Indian sport and they called it dehuntshwigwa’es (guys hit round objects).
-Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.
-Lacrosse was in 1904 and 1908 an Olympic sport.
-All the practices of lacrosse are in English.
-That there since 2007 a Dutch national competition is.
-That the Dutch national team goes regular to a World championship or a European championship.

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