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Sport of the Week Systema (Mattekloppers)

Sport of the Week, every week one sport is selected to be the Sport of the Week. During this week more information, movies and interesting facts are posted here.

This week the Sport of the Week is: Systema

G. S. B. V. de Mattekloppers is a budosport association that offers four Martial Art forms: Judo, Ju Jitsu, Karate and Systema. Systema, not yet known to everyone, is a Russian Martial Art. Instead of prearranged techniques, you will learn to fight in an intuitive way. You’ll learn to move your body correctly and feel what works. In Systema you will actively look for the way of fighting that suits you and the situation best. Systema at G. S. B. V. de Mattekloppers is a place where you will learn how to defend yourself. During training attention will be given to wrestling and boxing. Additionally we will be working with weapons. Furthermore, you will get to know your reaction to stressful situations and learn to deal with it in a correct way.
In addition to the training sessions, activities are organized throughout the year and a monthly get-together takes place in Café the Crown.

Do you feel enthusiastic? Come and join the training or sign up for the course!

For more information check or send an email to


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