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Kuipers Physiotherapy & Training

“Kuipers Physiotherapie & Training” is a practice for general physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation. The practice is situated at the ACLO Station building (Stationsplein 9, Groningen) and registered at the Dutch Physiotherapy Association (K.N.G.F.)

  • General physiotherapy
  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Post surgery rehabilitation

About Robert-Jan Kuipers
As a general physiotherapist, my main experience is in sports rehab. Being a sports teacher for the ACLO (for 15 years already),  I have treated a lot of sports-related injuries. Treating people and enabling them to move in daily life or in sports is a challenge for me. The combination of being a teacher physical education and physiotherapist gives an extra dimension in rehabilitation: clients are treated with a sports-specific rehabilitation.

Costs and insurance
Kuipers Fysiotherapie & Training is contracted by all Dutch insurance companies.

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