Open hour

This open hour is set up for everyone who enjoys indoor football. If you cannot gather enough people to play a game of football on your own, or you want to play with new people, this hour is perfect for you.

Free reservation

It is possible to borrow a football at the information desk of the Sports Centre.

Internal futsalcompetition

Every year the Sportcie organizes an internal futsalcompetition at the ACLO. Everybody with an ACLO Sportscard can participate in this competition. The competition is from October till January and from January til May. Prior to the competition you can inroll yourself with a team. The opening off the enrollment will be announced on the ACLO website. The competition takes place on Wednesday and Friday from 13.30 pm till 15.30 pm. For questions about the internal futsalcompetition you can send an email to ic@aclosport.nl

G.S.F.V. Drs Vijfje

G.S.F.V. Drs. Vijfje is the largest and sociable indoor football club of the Netherlands. More than 500 members play in 50 men’s teams and 11 women’s teams. The level differs from premier league to teams at the lowest level. The kicking a ball around in the hall can be combined with an active club life at Vijfje. More than 10 committees organize events, parties and tournaments throughout the year. There is also a weekly Friday night drink in local pub All Round.

Are you interested in this sport? Take a look at the website of the Sports club G.S.F.V. Drs Vijfje.

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