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Sport of the Week: Bootcamp

Bootcamp, you have probably seen it happen. A small group working on what seems to be a circuit of different exercises.  The ACLO offers a bootcamp course of five weeks. In a group of 15 students you will complete the bootcamp in the hills and paths of the Noorderplantsoen. During the course you will give the full 100% while enjoying the outer air and motivation of the others.

Bootcamp is:

  1. A fun and effective way to burn calories (500-800 each training)
  2. Efficient, you’re working on your whole body in a short time
  3. Fun, each exercise is different, so you won’t get bored
  4. As challenging as you want it to be
  5. Training together in a group
  6. Personal attention and group motivation
  7. Training outside
  8. A good way to get fit fast
  9. The perfect combination of cardio and weighttraining

Are you interested in bootcamp? Sign up for the course in the new academic year in August. Bootcamp is an ACLO course that is offered all year.

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