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The Sport of the Week – American Football

The ACLO offers a American Football course! The course American Football will introduce you to the basic principles of American football, during the ‘rookie program’ of 5 practices. You’ll get to know the game by introduction into throwing,catching and tackling. You will be handed a helmet and shoulderpads to borrow for the practices. Each practice will build on the last one so we can work toward a game of 5vs5. No prior knowledge of American Football or contact sports is needed.

When you finished the course, the group will be divided into the different positions, based on physical aspects and your own choice. Playing in this position, you’ll train twice a week by an experienced playing. These trainings will be hard, but very educational. The Groningen Giants have a tackle as well as a non-contact flagteam, so there’s a team for everyone!

The course takes place on the American Football field at Sportpark Corpus den Hoorn (Laan Corpus Den Hoorn 100, 9728 Groningen).

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