Free reservations

Conditions for free reservations are:

1. Being a member of the poledance association G.S.P.V. De NoordPole or you have attended, and been present more than 80%, at the poledance course.

2. You will always have to be with at least 2 persons and register yourself at the desk.


Poledance is a dance form in which different dance techniques are performed around and in a vertical pole. It is a sport that requires strength, agility, and endurance. There are different levels in this sport that can be practiced on a fixed pole or on a rotating pole. Because of the diversity that the sport offers, everyone can develop in aspects that they consider important. Whether this is strength or flexibility, or perhaps a combination of both, everything is possible!

G.S.P.V. de NoordPole

G.S.P.V. De NoordPole is the student pole-dance association of Groningen and the only student pole-dance association of the Northern Netherlands! De NoordPole was established in the summer of 2013 and has offered poledance training on different levels ever since; from beginners up to advanced. Apart from the weekly training, we also organise drinks with other associations and various other activities for our members like workshops, a weekend-away and a club championship. On top of that we have a couple awesome committees and we regularly host demonstrations and workshops during various events.

Would you like to come train with us, and try out pole-dancing? Contact us via our website, or send us a message via mail or Facebook!

Also take a look at the website of G.S.P.V. de NoordPole.



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