Open hour

At the open swimming hours, you can determine your own speed, duration and intensity of the training. This form of swimming is exceedingly suitable for the recreational swimmer who wants to swim lanes.

Attention! At the Willem Alexander Sportcentrum, the ACLO has been opreating a ticket system for the group lessons aquafit and open hours swimming since Monday the 7th of November 2016, to check for ACLO Cards and to regulate the amount of participants.  For more information about this ticket system and how to reserve a ticket, click here.


There are two different swimming courses.

Swimming Certificate A
The swimming-for-a-certificate course is especially meant for those (foreign) students who don’t know how to swim at all and who don’t have a swimming certificate. If the course is completed the student will be able to take the swimming certificate A test. If this is passed you will receive the swimming certificate A. This course is offered by the ACLO and takes at least 1 year. There will be two enrolments per year (enrollment in periode 1a and 3a). For questions regarding the swimming course you can contact the ACLO. There will be a possibility to take a swimming exam and get your swimming certificate A twice a year, just after the Christmas holidays and just before the summer holidays.

Please note: the course Swimming Certificate A costs €100,-. You can’t reclaim your payment like other courses after finishing the course. You should pay the €100,- in advance before the course starts. You can make this payment at the service desk of the Sports center. 

Swimming freestyle
This course goes a little further than the course for beginners and you will have to master a reasonable crawl. The course will focus on improving crawl-, breaststroke- and back techniques, and teaching the butterfly-stroke. In addition, attention will be paid on turning points and starting points of these strokes.

Attention! The swimming courses are offered by the ACLO and not at student swimming association G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker!

G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker

G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker is the main swimming club for students in Groningen. We’re at the top of national student swimming but there’s also lots of opportunity for fun activities, of course. Conviviality and sportsmanship is what we value the most.

Are you interested in this sport? Take a look at the website of the Sports club G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker.

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